July 01, 2014

Snapshots From The French Riviera

Our next stop on our tour around France was Nice. And no trip to France is complete without a visit to the French Riviera, right? Azure blue water, balmy nights, alfresco dining, Provence rose, what more could you possibly want? We caught the train from Avignon down to Nice where we witnessed some spectacular scenery on the way down.
This part of the trip was for some R and R, especially for Mum and Sue who had been tearing around Europe without much of a chance for a break. I was really excited for Mum to visit, as I'd been in Nice last year with Toby, Janelle and Cash and was hoping she was going to love it as much as we did.We were in Nice for 4 days, staying in a gorgeous apartment that I found on Air BnB. Surprisingly large for French standards, the apartment also had a really cute terrace that you could use during breakfast or for pre dinner aperitifs! Located right next to Le Port it was about a 10 minute brisk walk along the Promenade des Anglais to the old town. 
Lunch and some chill time at at Castel Plage.....Divine!
Due to it being the weekend of the Grand Prix in Monaco, the atmosphere in Nice was electric. We spent a lot of time on the Cours Saleya, a little street set back from the main plage (beach). Part of the old town, the Cours Saleya is a market during the day. It's also filled with lots of restaurants along the street with outdoor dining that take up the market stall places once the sellers have packed up for the day.

It was really enjoyable to meander along the many little lane ways heading towards Garibaldi (on the way back to the apartment) and get lost in the surroundings.
The highlight of the trip would have to be conquering another one of my many fears (that tend to be related to heights).....Parasailing! I've been threatening to do this for a while now and regretted missing out on the opportunity to do it in Fiji a few years ago, due to windy conditions. So after another bout of it being too windy on the Sunday, the stars aligned and we were able to fly up, up and away on the Monday. The conditions were perfect and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I was going to! It was so peaceful up in the sky and the landscape was incredible. 
Super pumped for Parasailing!
I've got this! I think.....
The joys of little legs....I'm off before Chris!
The most unexpected part was our crash landing back down into the water....but it was lots of fun!

We stayed in Port de Nice and some of the restaurants we ate at include Castel Plage and Deli Bo. Should you be visiting Nice, I highly recommend eating at Bistrot Chaud-Vin, where we had a beautiful French meal which also happened to be great value for money, on the Saturday evening.


  1. I want to be in your suitcase!! Parasailing shots are fantastic! Beautiful sunshine ☀

  2. There's definitely room in the suitcase for 3 Rattas! X


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