July 09, 2014

A Day Boating On The Amalfi Coast With Peter

You know when you stumble across this great experience and you love it so much you want to keep it a secret because it's so good and you don't want it to become over populated? Well, that's kind of how I feel about this trip with Peter. But....that wouldn't be right, would it?! We found out about his day trips via a friend and it's always nice to share the love!

On our first day in Positano, we headed down to Spiaggia Grande, in search of Gennaro e Salvatore's stand which was easy to find as it was located next to the jetty. Gennaro e Salvatore offer a few different day trip options, however we had been told that all day (roughly seven hour) Amalfi Coast trip with the lunch option was the way to go. We booked it in for the following day and advised we should be down at the jetty by nine-forty five.

There was six of us on the trip, plus our captain Pete. A family run business, started by his father and uncle, Peter now looks after the charter side of things. He was a really interesting guy, who had grown up in Positano with an Italian father and an English mother and had plenty of fascinating stories to share about growing up in Italy and life in Positano before it became what it is today, all spoken in a broad English accent and with the humour to match. That said, obviously being bilingual he could switch between speaking in English to Italian in an instant.

We had a nice cruise along the coast taking in the rugged and dramatic coast line, listening to Pete talk about the various little villages and points of interest along the way.

Lemon Groves
A competition is held here once a year and people actually dive off this thing....Hmm...

We had been told that there would be opportunities to stop for swims along the way and as the weather was a bit iffy to start with I wasn't so convinced I was going to, however once it was suggested I was straight in. We managed to convince two of the other tourists on board to jump in.....success! After getting the blood pumping, it was time to reward ourselves with an icy cold Peroni.

We cruised past Amalfi and Maiori to take a look in a grotto, which was really quite stunning. The colour of the water was so blue.

A fresh spring that we also stopped at for a dip

As it transpired, we were the only couple that had opted to do the lunch. So we dropped the other couples off at Amalfi, where they could stop for some lunch and a look around town for the next few hours, whilst we headed back towards Positano for lunch at Ristorante Da Teresa, which is now only accessible by boat.

We had to anchor off a mooring and wait for one of the guys from the restaurant to collect us by rubber dinghy to take us to the jetty which was really cool! Peter joined us for lunch and was welcomed to the restaurant like an old friend. It was nice to learn that he had been coming there since he was a child. As they were expecting us we didn't order off the menu, something Chris and I enjoyed. We love eating food that's been dictated by what is in season or caught fresh, especially when it's seafood. The food and wine was incredible.....I think we ate about five courses all up and drank about a litre of local wine (and that was just Chris and I)! Our feast included a selection of little entrees, pasta vongole, tuna, salad and dessert. Then we topped it all off with some lemoncello (no wonder I came back with a few extra kilo's after all the food I ate). YUM! It was a truly unforgettable experience.

During this time that we asked Peter to give us some tips on restaurants in Positano and it was very refreshing to get a locals view on certain places. He even rang some restaurants on our behalf so we could get booked in, which was lovely of him to do, we really appreciated the gesture.

Every day is lemoncello day on the Amalfi

Our captain, Peter
From there we cruised back to Amalfi to collect the others and began our journey back to Positano. We stopped briefly along the way home to enjoy some prosecco before making it back to the jetty at around five-thirty pm.

We are so grateful to Orla for suggesting we do this day trip as this was definitely the highlight of our time in Positano. If you do visit and all of the above sounds like its up your street do yourself a favour (and definitely book the lunch)!

We went on the Amalfi Coast day trip with Gennaro e Salvatore. The pricing starts at €70 per person for the day or €90 per person, including the lunch which in our opinion was well worth it for the price. Also included in the price are beach towels to use during the day and drinks on board. We ate at Da Teresa.

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