December 01, 2014

Strasbourg Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets have only been open in Europe for less than a week and I can confirm that I have been drawn in, hook, line and sinker. I'll admit, I had been skeptical of the Christmas markets. Mainly because it means it's winter in Europe and absolutely freezing and my little Australian body just can't cope with it. But, they truly are a magical experience. All I can say is WOW! (DISCLAIMER: please excuse the abhorrent amount of images about to fill your screen)

I'd researched which Christmas markets are a must visit and Strasbourg is at the top of the list. Strasbourg has a special little place in my heart, where I feel you get the best of both France and Germany in terms of architecture, food & wine. That aside, Chris & I were happy to return there after visiting at Easter as it's such a pretty town, located not too far from Frankfurt and easy to navigate your way around by foot. Affectionately known as the Capital of Christmas, the very first Christmas markets (known as the Christkindelmärik) took place in 1570. Crazy, I know!

Petite France 

These days, they have around 300 chalets spread out over 11 squares around the city. There's plenty to buy; such as arts and crafts, food and traditional Alsatian Christmas decorations. Over Friday evening and Saturday we were able to tick off all 11 sites around a cool Strasbourg, with the help of a Vin Chaud or two to help keep the body at an ambient temperature!

Chris sampling traditional Alsatian Vin Chaud Blanc

Chris paying for our selection of duck products.....YUM!

Grand Marnier and Nutella Crepes!
One of the highlights of our weekend was watching the City illumination show, which takes place in Place Kleber from 5.30pm to 8pm, every half an hour. Also located there is The Great Christmas Tree which is a sight to behold, standing tall at a massive 30 metres!

I also loved, loved, loved Carre d'Or, one of the lane ways near the Cathedral. The lane way was always terribly packed with people as the decorations were so beautiful. We took a late night stroll along there after the markets closed at 9pm and were able to enjoy walking along the street a little more freely.

As a whole, the atmosphere at Christmas markets in Europe is infectious and lively, with everyone in good spirits, rugged up and enjoying plentiful amounts of Glühwein (and enough sugar to give you a coma). Being Australian, where I'm so used to having Christmases with temperatures of over 30 degrees and spending the day by the pool, it's been a pleasant change to experience the lead up to Christmas over here. I think when the time comes to move back, I will always miss this time of year in particular as no one quite does Christmas, and the decorations, and the lighting, and above all, the markets quite like the Europeans!


  1. It looks so beautiful, and so straight out of a fairy tale. In my imagination, almost all if Germany looks straight out the pages of a fairy tale. Love the photos. Love your blog too x

  2. Beautiful post Genevieve. Would looove to be there!! xx

  3. Oh I love this!! But you are making me incredibly nostalgic!!! Love rewarding about your adventures.

  4. I miss you too! I hate to break it to you, but you would be absolutely loving the Christmas markets!!!!! We need some face time, ASAP! I must know what's going on in Brooklyn. X

  5. Thanks Dani! It is very picture postcard perfect! X

  6. Amazing pics G so incredibly beautiful!!I really want one of those gigantic toffee apples!


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