June 24, 2014

Our Apartment, Before And After Shots

I know I've been promising you all these images for quite some time now. Initially, we were still purchasing bits and pieces for the house and I wasn't quite ready to showcase the apartment. Then life got busy and in between visitors and travelling and wanting "the perfect light" for the photos (the photographer in me coming out), here we are.....six months later. The light might not be right, but eh. I'm over caring now! So without further adieu, here is our apartment, before and after!

Our Hallway, Before ....... and After 

Our Bedroom and Balcony (All the credit goes to Chris for our beautiful planter boxes)

The Bathroom

The Kitchen; which is kind of a big deal, seeing as we had to get this installed ourselves!

The Guestroom (take note of the leaves on the trees now it's Summer!)

Our Computer/Exercise/Spare Room & Balcony with City Views

Dining Room

Lounge Room

The first image is the view from the lounge room through to the spare room. The last image is the reverse view. All the doors slide open and shut so we tend to keep these open during the warmer weather. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at our before and after shots! Hopefully now you all get a sense of what our home life is like over here for us. If you have any comments I'd love to hear them, as always. XX


  1. G I read this a couple of weeks ago but at the time couldn't post a comment, wanted to say apartment is looking amazing you guys have done an awesome job!! Love all the planter boxes too they are so pretty!!!

  2. ... esp the kitchen - they take everything AND the kitchen sink! It looks beautiful now

  3. Beautiful GG! You have done a fantastic job! Looks very homely. Wish we could come stay. xx

  4. Thanks Jess! Yes, Mr Greenthumb himself is very good at the gardening caper. Me, not so much! I have to be reminded to water....oops. X

  5. Thanks Janelle! I wish you guys could come to stay too. xxx


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