April 13, 2014

Our Wedding Day....One Year On

Wow! I keep pinching myself at times wondering, "Was it all a dream? Did Chris and I really get married a whole year ago?". When I think about all the big changes in our lives that have happened since then, it all seems a little crazy. Without realising it, upon signing the marriage certificate we had also signed an invisible contract, known as the "let's see how many stressful scenarios you can be committed to over the next eight months of your lives". Within days of being married, we'd made the decision to move to Germany and after a hectic six weeks in Melbourne which consisted of me resigning from my job, us packing up our entire life and having a very random garage sale (which I won't be doing again in a hurry), we were both back in Perth before Chris started six months of living  & working between Germany and Australia. Add on us buying a house in record speed and a few holidays before the move and here we are. Phew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 

BUT.....all of that is now irrelevant. In honour of our big day, I thought it would be nice to post some of my favourite images from the day. Some of them are the unedited images we received; unfortunately, not every shot can make the cut. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed revisiting them!

A little reminder that Dad was with me every step of the way

The girls just couldn't contain themselves, they needed to know what action was going on outside!

Uncle Kevin & I having a laugh after I NEARLY STACKED IT IN MY SHOES! (Stiletto heels & grass aren't a great idea!)

Getting married in a super humid country in April was probably not my brightest idea, but it always helps when you have flower girls to fan your back!

A special moment with my Uncles

Not long after our wedding we were featured on a wonderful wedding blog, "You Mean The World To Me". For a more detailed recap of our day (and for anyone planning a destination wedding), click here
Image Source: PhotoFactory Bali


  1. I loved reading this entry GG! It was a day full of SO MUCH LOVE, laughter, delicious food, amazing cocktails, hot sweaty dancing and great entertainment x

  2. Thanks gorgeous girl! Hehe....it was a sweaty dance fest, wasn't it! Hope everything is going well back at home, lots of love to you & Reg & the boys. Xx

  3. What an amazing day that was. I wish we could do it all over again. We were so happy to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary with you in Frankfurt! Lovezees xxxxxxx


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